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New Speaker opens Spring Session of State Great Khural

The spring session of Mongolian State Great Khural opened today (5 April) at 10.02 a.m. with an attendance of 62.7 percent of members. G.Zandanshatar, the newly appointed speaker of parliament spoke at the opening ceremony of the spring session. Prime

Broken Promises! Demonstration against Mongolian Government

Earlier today (5 April), the Mongolian parliamentary opposition organised a demonstration on Sukhbaatar Square, in central Ulaanbaatar. The Democratic Party’s public protest was planned to coincide with today’s opening of the spring session of parliament.

The Democratic Party is protesting against

Casino ban!

The Mongolian cabinet approved a resolution on Tuesday to dismiss all civil servants, especially high government official and directors of state- owned enterprises from their jobs if they are caught gambling in foreign casinos. Gambling is to be officially considered

Democratic Party suspends congress

Mongolia’s opposing Democratic Party has postponed its congress which was scheduled for 4 April. During the congress, the party had planned to discuss the current political situation.

Previously, DP leader S.Erdene, said that the Mongolian People’s Party had tried to obtain

“Organised Crime” in Mongolian government: DP to demonstrate

The Mongolian parliamentary opposition has announced, that it will organise a demonstration on Sukhbaatar square, in central Ulaanbaatar on 5 April. The Democratic Party’s public protest will be held the same day as the spring session of parliament opens.

The Democratic