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Lonely Planet writer: A journey to remote Mongolia

Fabienne Fong Yan, a writer from Lonely Planet travelled in Mongolia in order to explore a tribe of reindeer herders. She arrived in Mongolia, the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky, in October.

She was met at the airport of Ulaanbaatar

Unique design of Grand Theatre of National Arts

The construction of a new Grand Theatre of National Arts has started in the Denjiin Myanga District of Ulaanbaatar. The theatre is expected to be completed by September 2021. The city of Ulaanbaatar approved the budget for building. The Ulaanbaatar

Unusual cloud above Oyu Tolgoi

A photo of an unusual cloud formation in the sky above the Oyu Tolgoi mine has gone viral. According to the meteorological agency, the rare phenomenon was observed in the Khanbog soum (district) of South Gobi on 27 July during

Get on your bike!

According to a recent survey, 39.3 percent of Ulaanbaatar’s population uses public transportation to go to work, 6.5 percent walk, 2.6 percent grab a taxi and 2.4 percent ride bicycles or mopeds. For this reason, the Ulaanbaatar City Administration is

First Deaf Club opens in Ulaanbaatar

The Constitution of Mongolia states that every citizen has fundamental rights to live in a healthy and safe environment, to study, to develop and express their opinion freely. However, in reality, these fundamental rights become a most difficult task to

Khusugtun folk rock band release new album

Buda Musique has announced the August 28, 2020 release of Jangar, an album by Mongolian sextet Khusugtun. The group performs a modern and polyphonic exploration of the traditional overtone singing from Mongolia.

The particularity of Khusugtun lies in the utilization of

Ghost of Tsushima: Mongols are the bad guys in Japanese game

In Ghost of Tsushima, the Mongols are definitely the bad guys. Ghost of Tsushima is made by Washington-based studio Sucker Punch Productions, its first new PlayStation 4 game in six years.

Ghost of Tsushima takes players to 13th-century feudal Japan, transporting