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Mongolians to enjoy opera after a half a year of quarantine

The great reopening of Mongolia’s cultural and public events, retail, production and entertainment centres re-opened by Cabinet decision from 16 September. In early February, Mongolia announced an advanced emergency readiness and preparation in order in order to prevent the spread

Fossil skull of armoured fish discovered in Mongolian mountains

A 410-million-year-old fossil of an armored fish has completely changed the history of sharks, according to a newly published study. The fish, known as Minjinia turgenensis, had a skeleton made of bone, as opposed to the cartilage that sharks are

Free entry to Mongolian museums for children

All state-owned and local museums across Mongolia are now providing free entry to children. Under a decree of the Mongolian Minister of Culture, state-owned and local museums are obliged to offer free entry to children under the age of 18

Mother and twins awarded lifetime ticket by MIAT

On Thursday (13 August), Mongolia’s national airline MIAT gave a free lifetime ticket to three celebrities: the mid air-born twins and their mother. The twins were born on 9 July on a chartered flight from Istanbul to Ulaanbaatar, the capital

Mongolian man skywalks across Chuluut River Canyon

Mongolian circus performer M.Myagmarsaikhan has successfully walked  over a 130-meter long tight rope 50 meters above the ground across the Chuluut River Canyon in Arkhangai province.

M.Myagmarsaikhan is the only professional  tightrope walker in Mongolia. In August 2019, he walked across

Mongolian biking mothers complete epic road-trip

Two Mongolian mothers named N.Orgilmaa and E.Erdenechimeg have completed over 5700 km by motorbike. The friends started their epic journey on 20 July and have visited 10 provinces of Mongolia. Initially, the pair planned to ride 5000 km; however, they

Mongolian Railway History Museum

Not far from the Ulaanbaatar Railway Station, six obsolete steam locomotives sit unmoving in a fenced-off garden adjacent to the tracks. The open-air display of trains, collectively known as the Mongolian Railway History Museum, is dedicated to history of the