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New species of big-thumbed dinosaur discovered in Mongolia

Preserved in a resting pose for more than 70 million years, a new species of dinosaur has finally been brought to light.

Named Jaculinykus yaruui, or the ‘speedy clawed dragon’, the small, possibly feathered, dinosaur was well adapted to dashing around

The Mongol Khan arrives at the London Coliseum

The Mongol Khan arrives at the London Coliseum from the steppes of Mongolia for its two-week run on November 18, and the experience – from watching the performers warm up to the show itself – is intoxicating.

Acrobats bend their bodies into

Mongolian baritone named “Best Opera Baritone” AGAIN

Mongolian baritone E.Amartuvshin  won the first place in the category “Best Opera Baritone” for the second time at the 8th International Opera Awards. He won this award for the first time in 2020.

This year, three singers from each voice (tenor,

Mongolia to develop adventure tourism

Before the pandemic, Mongolia welcomed more than 577,000 tourists, generating an economic benefit of USD 607 million in GDP.

The government strives to implement the “Years to Visit Mongolia” program and welcome one million tourists.

Currently, Mongolia has received approximately 600,000 tourists,

Rare Przewalski’s horses arrived at the San Francisco Zoo

The last truly wild horse species in the world, rare Przewalski’s horses, were once only found on the Mongolian steppes of the Gobi Desert. They arrived at the San Francisco Zoo and Gardens.

Forty years ago, the species was listed as

Blocked show on Genghis Khan finally opens in France

An exhibition dedicated to the 13th-century Mongol emperor Genghis Khan has opened at a museum in Nantes, France, three years after a censorship row derailed the show.
In late 2020, the Château des ducs de Bretagne history museum postponed the exhibition

Mongolia tops Lonely Planet’s 2024 Travel Destination List

Mongolia, the landlocked nation packed with nature and wildlife in central Asia topped Lonely Planet’s 2024 Travel Destination List.

Mongolia also scored the top spot on Time Out’s list of underrated travel destinations this year, so we can’t say we disagree. Its position