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‘Burn Your Maps’ – US kid becomes Mongolian ‘herder’

‘Burn Your Maps’ is a film about an eight-year old American boy, Wes (Jacob Tremblay) who starts acting very strangely: he believes he IS a Mongolian nomad.  His fantasy becomes more and more extreme putting pressure on his parents, who

Historical Mongolian ‘2000’ movie to premiere in Seoul

‘The 2000’, a movie about historical event of Mongolia’s uprising against Qing (Manchu) dynasty will be screened in Seoul, the capital of South Korea on 25-31 May. The movie is based on a true historical event of the bloody uprising

‘Life Element O2’ – a ballet about Mongolia’s air pollution

The ‘Life Element O2’ ballet will be staged at the Corporate Convention Centre on 19 May. This is the second ballet performance addressing environmental issues in Mongolia.

Last year, the Mongolian-American Ballet Programme presented its first environmental project on water conservation

Mongolian children to perform in Broadway Peter Pan

The famous Broadway theatre’s Peter Pan musical will be performed in Mongolia for the very first time in October this year. The musical will be staged to marking the 380th anniversary of the establishment of the capital city at the

World Nomad Children Folk Festival to be held in UB

The second World Nomad Children Folk Festival will be held in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia on 22-23 July. The event is being organised by the Nomadic Cultural Heritage Foundation. Children from Inner Mongolia, Buryatia, Kalmykia, Tuva and Mongolia

Beyond Buuz & Kimchi: Mongolian chefs cook Korean in Korea

Mongolia’s master chefs have successfully participated in the Korea International Challenge Cup. The contest was held in Seoul at the weekend. Chefs from the Yuna restaurant led the contest.

About 2000 master chefs of more than 30 countries participated in the

‘Children of Genghis’ producer appointed as Cultural Envoy to USA

Film producer D.Angarag has been appointed as Mongolian Cultural Envoy to the United States. Ambassador Ya.Otgonbayar presented the Certificate of Cultural Envoy to D.Angarag during the opening of a ‘Mongolian Heritage Days’ cultural event that was held at World Bank