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UB to host International Competitive Monodrama Festival

The ‘UB -The Parade of Winners’ International Competitive Monodrama Festival will be held at ‘49th Street’ Youth and Children’s Theatre on 19-23 September.

International artists from Germany, the USA, South Korea, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Israel as well as the Russian Federation’s

‘Light up Mongolia’ mega-show on Sukhbaatar Square

Mongolia’s largest ever laser light show will take place on Sukhbaatar Square on 13 September. The ‘Light up Mongolia’ show will feature a concert by the State Philharmonic Orchestra, the State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet as well as

First ever Plus Size Women’s Fashion Show in Mongolia

The first ever Plus Size Women’s Fashion Show will be held in Mongolia in October. The show is being co-organised by Mirror Entertainment and the ‘Gangan Khuvsgur’ facebook group.

In current media use, “curvy” is generally associated with slimmer women and

Mongolian writer suggests creating a fund for Asian writers

While addressing the participants of the First Forum of Asian Countries’ Writers, Mongolia’s G.Mend-Ooyo expressed hope that the anthology of Asian literary works will be translated into many languages. He also put forward a set of measures that, in his

“Fresh Air – Car Free Day” in UB

Another “Fresh Air – Car Free Day” is being planned for the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar. It is well known that the city is one of most air-polluted capitals of the world. The source of the problem is caused by the

Documentary series about Khalkhin Gol

Mongolian National Broadcaster (MNB) in cooperation with Russia’s Zvezda TV has produced a documentary series about the Khalkhin Gol Battle for the 80th anniversary of the historical event.

The four-part documentary will mirror the real-life events of the bloody series of

‘Two Nations – One Victory’ photo exhibition

Entitled ‘Two Nations – One Victory’, a photo exhibition will open at Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery in Ulaanbaatar on 2 September. The exhibition is being co-organised by Montsame and the Russian Sputnik Agency to mark the 80th anniversary of