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The Solar Tree of Sukhbaatar Square

Mongolia is well known for its bright sunny days with cloudless skies, averaging 250 days per year. To make the most of the Mongolian sun, a Solar Tree with a wireless system has been installed on Sukhbaatar Square in the

Goyol-2019 show to start Mongolian Fashion Week

Goyol-2019, Mongolia’s biggest fashion show will open with Fashion Week from 26 November. The event will be held at the Blue Sky Tower  in central Ulaanbaatar. Nearly 80 models including top models T.Tuyamaa, O.Uyanga, E.Selenge, O.Purevdulam, Kh.Badamgerel and Ch.Undrakh will

MNTM show to return after shocking death of participant

Mongolia’s Next Top Model, a reality television series, based on Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model, is to be broadcasted on Sunday (18 November) after a postponement of almost a month. The fashion show had not been aired since 24

Mongolian herder family raising bear cub

An adorable bear cub will live with a Mongolian herder family in the Bayan-Uul Soum (rural district) of Dornod Province until spring comes. The little animal  apparently got lost from its mother and wandered into the herder’s backyard in October.

Mongolian model crowned Miss Asia 2018

Mongolian actress, the well-known model Ts.Azzaya has been crowned at the Miss Asia 2018 pageant. The beauty contest was held on 10 November in the Indian city of Kochi.

In addition, Azzaya also won the sub-titles ‘Miss Personality’ and ‘Miss Fitness’.

Giant Mongolian ger registered by Guinness World Records

Mongolia’s largest traditional ‘ger’ has been registered in the Guinness World Records as the largest on the planet.

The ger – also known as a yurt – was constructed by the Selnen Company over four months. It has a diameter of

International calligraphy exhibition of traditional Mongolian script

An international calligraphy exhibition of traditional Mongolian script has opened in Ulaanbaatar. The event is organized annually with aim for increasing usage of the Mongolian script. The “Script of the  Eternal Sky” exhibition will last for five-days at the Mongolian

Polish adventurer crossed Mongolia Gobi Desert alone

Polish adventurer Mateusz Waligora has successfully crossed the Mongolian Gobi Desert alone. In August 2018, Waligora set off from Bulgan in Khovd Province, located in western Mongolia near the border with China. His trip was to cover only the Mongolian