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Mongolia upgrading buses with MAZ

Mongolia has received buses from the Belarusian automobile engineering company MAZ. The vehicles are designed to operate in the world’s coldest capital city. Mongolia’s climate is classed as extreme continental. Air temperatures in winter can be as low as 49C

Reducing UB air polution: eco-friendly plant opens in Nalaikh

Mongolia has put into operation its second fuel processing plant in Ulaanbaatar.
The plant, built in Nalaikh district, has an annual capacity of processing 600,000 tons of fuel.
“Reducing air pollution in Mongolian capital has been and remains one of our

Mongolia’s coal railway construction reaches 100km mark

Ulaanbaatar Railway JSC has reached the 100 km mark for the construction of the railway line between  Zuunbayan and Tavantolgoi.
On November 30, the railway construction team working on the strategically important “coal line” completed the 4000th section, thus completing 100

Fuel discount – a life-saver for Ulaanbaatar’s poorest

On Wednesday (2 December), the Mongolian government decided to reduce the price of processed fuel by 50 percent amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The government announced that the reduction would be in force from 3 December to 1 April in order

Mongol Bank’s gold purchase in 2020 up by a third

The Central bank of Mongolia, also known as Mongol Bank, purchased 1.7 tonnes of precious metals in November. A total amount of the purchases has reached 21 tonnes since the beginning of this year, showing an increase of 6.5 tons