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A former President, current MPs and CEOs named as ‘coal thieves’

Old News! Published on: 2022.12.14

A former President, current MPs and CEOs named as ‘coal thieves’

Mongolia’s Anti-Corruption Agency announced yesterday (13 December), names of 17 individuals who involved in a coal theft scandal which caused two week long demonstration in Ulaanbaatar, the country’s capital city. Following officials were directly or indirectly involved in the theft of coal; 

  1. Former President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga /Democratic Party/
  2. Former Speaker of the Parliament Z.Enkhbold /Democratic Party/

  3. O.Shijir, former head of the Office of the President of Mongolia /Democratic Party/
  4. Former Minister of Road Transport Development D.Ganbat /Mongolian People’s Party/
  5. Member of Parliament A.Adyasuren /Democratic Party/

  6. Member of Parliament D.Bat-Erdene /Democratic Party/

  7. Member of Parliament T.Anandbazar /Mongolian People’s Party/

  8. Member of Parliament N.Naranbaatar /Mongolian People’s Party/

  9. Member of Parliament B.Battumor /Mongolian People’s Party/

  10. Member of Parliament Ts.Sergelen /Mongolian People’s Party/

  11. Member of Parliament Sh.Radnaased /Mongolian People’s Party/

  12. The governor of South Gobi province R.Seddorj /Democratic Party/

  13. Chairman of the Citizens’s Representative Council of Umnogov Province B.Erdene-Ochir /Mongolian People’s Party/

  14. former executive director of “Erdenes Tavantolgoi” LLC, D.Ariunbold /appointed by MPP/

  15. Former executive director of “Erdenes Tavantolgoi” LLC, B.Gankhuyag /appointed by MPP/

  16. General Director of “Erhet Mongolia’ Group, Kh.Mandakhbayar /Mongolian People’s Party/

  17. The former governor of South Gobi province B.Badraa /Democratic Party/.

Mongolians are firmly protesting against a “coal mafia”, led by ex-President Kh.Battulga who have apparently robbed the public purse of billions of dollars. The government investigation committee is considering about 1 million tonnes of coal may have been released without registration. During the investigation, it was revealed that 207,000 tons of coal exported to China without Mongolian customs registration between 20 May and 20 June, 2017, inspectors at the time determined that 3,758 coal haul trucks were registered as “empty” at customs.

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