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Zolboo Tsegmed: Gobi offers luxurious cashmere products to the european market with affordable price

Old News! Published on: 2019.09.11

Zolboo Tsegmed: Gobi offers luxurious cashmere products to the european market with affordable price

Gobi cashmere is to launch their store at the Mall of Berlin, the biggest shopping center in Berlin, on October 1st. Accordingly, we interviewed ZOLBOO Tsegmed, Chief Sales Officer of the European market. 

 -Europe is assumed as one of the locations that have a long history of utilizing cashmere products, which is pretty similar to Mongolia. Hence why, it draws attention to the fact that you have decided to enter the European market, where cashmere is valued. Shall we start our conversation from here?

– Of course. Mongolians have a rich history of cashmere. As the oldest manufacturer in Mongolia, Gobi corporation is producing cashmere garments that meet the global standard utilizing the most modern technologies. The European market is widely known for its cashmere consumption as people are already familiar to the cashmere product quality, long durability, and comfort. The biggest cashmere brands are in Europe. Hence, the consumers feel, understand and appreciate the value of the cashmere. I agree with you on the statement that introducing quality Mongolian cashmere to this market is special.

-That means there is a huge competition in the European market. How do we distinguish the Mongolian cashmere from major global brands there? Why should they choose to buy Mongolian cashmere? 

-Competition is very high in the cashmere world, for sure. High quality would be the very first factor that distinguishes Gobi cashmere from other brands. Secondly, we are not interested in to compete with the high end, expensive brands. Neither with the other brands that set their bar at lower positions. We are confidently positioning ourselves in the middle, for those who are interested in the luxury of the finest quality cashmere by spending very reasonable, affordable amount.

Cashmere products made of high-quality hand-sheared cashmere fiber are considered luxurious and cost expensive in Europe. As a local brand from Mongolia, where provides 48% of raw cashmere to the global market, Gobi is offering the same high-quality cashmere products with affordable price. In addition to that, Gobi Corporation takes full responsibility on all production stages starting from collecting raw materials from herders to the final ready-to-wear garments. There is zero chance to mix any other blends during the production stages. This guarantees the 100% purity of our cashmere products and shows the highest quality of Gobi brand – which is another advantage of ours.

-What is your role in the European market right now? 

-We established our branch company in Berlin, Germany in 2016. We have stores in Berlin and Hamburg, as well. We launched our online shop www.gobicashmere.com in 2017 and since last July, we have been working on online shop promotion very activity. Compared to the previous year, the number of our online customers are increased by 35%. Global e-commerce market size is increasing annually, as it has many different advantages such as saving time, displaying more options at the same time, etc. Therefore, we plan to focus more on online shop activities in the future.

-We heard that you are looking at Germany as the main market? 

-At the moment, there are two stores in Germany that will be more convenient to conduct trade. In Germany, Mongolian cashmere is well-known and we already have our regular customers there. Based on our current experience and already Gobi quality-aware customers, our next goal is the expand our brand awareness and sales in Germany. Warmth and coziness of cashmere are needed in Germany as the climate is cold and humid. Of course, we didn’t forget cashmere lovers in other European countries. We deliver Gobi cashmere throughout the whole European continent. As we always do, we are working on continues improvement in bringing the best service and making the delivery faster and more efficient.

-How long does it take to receive the product after ordering it online? 

-The product can be delivered within 24 hours in Germany. But it takes 2-3 days to deliver the product in European countries. We work with the motto of the fastest delivery and the best quality products. This defines the credibility of our company. We are opening our store in the Mall of Berlin on October 1st and the store will be available to the customers until January 30th, 2020 to promote and sell our products. We, also, plan to open our store in the Brandenburg airport next year.

-Which product is on-demand in the European market? 

-More free size, unisex, well fit, oversized comfortable products are demanded from the customers and we provide them in different design and color options. Other countries want to be distinguished by their luxury consumption, but our European customers prefer simple and comfortable products. As for the color, organic and natural colors are more appreciated. Thus, we constantly update the designs and offer products for all body types and shapes.

-We used to think the cashmere is only for winter and that concept is long gone. How well are GOBI light jackets, suits, and coats sold in Europe? 

-Our new products that are made out of fine cashmere cotton is in the process of being introduced. The Gobi produces 100% cashmere products that are suitable to wear in summer. Light cashmere work suits feel very comfortable, are very much liked by our customers. The modern cashmere products prove that cashmere is wearable in all seasons, the old concept that cashmere belongs to winter is left behind already. In this sense, Europe as again the perfect weather to wear cashmere garments as it gets very hot in summer and gets cold up to -15‎°C in winter. We all know that winter humidity of most countries in Europe is one thing that makes is feel very cold. Light, soft, warm and comfortable cashmere wear is the perfect clothing item in Europe, for all seasons.



-What about the other markets? Are you going to run online shop for other markets as well?

– Yes, we are running online shops in different markets as well. Besides www.gobicashmere.com, we have www.gobicashmere.taobao.com for Chinese customera, www.gobi.ru for Russian customers and soon from Sep 16th we are going to launch www.us.gobicashmere.com for USA customers.

-How many customers came back after knowing the quality of your products? 

-Yes, once customers wear Gobi cashmere and feel the quality, they tend to come back again and again. Our affordable price policy is also one of the supporting factors as well. We are aiming to make people try and feel the quality of Mongolian cashmere. Gobi goal is to create a mutual trust with each customer in the future and have long term, stable, loyal customer base all over the world. I believe 100% that once a Gobi customer, always a Gobi customer. Word of mouth marketing is always effective and Gobi always gets +plus from our regular customers.

-As you said before, GOBI takes full responsibility in all the production stages. Europe believes in animal rights. How do you explain the difference between cashmere taking process and the fur coat making the process?

-“Humane” and “Sustainable” approach is well spread throughout the world. The Gobi implements projects and programs to ensure the stability and value chain that provides benefits to every stakeholder from herders, to factory workers, to customers and investors. We are making videos and promotional materials about how we take the cashmere out of the goats. The goats in Mongolia produce best quality cashmere because of the extremely harsh climate. Mongolians still use traditional nomadic way of handling livestock. We hand-comb the goats after the long cold winter after the fiber becomes loose between the goat hair. It also prevents them from growing lace or other types of insect underneath. That is not harmful to the animals and that helps them to feel relieved. High-end products made out of Mongolian hand combed cashmere is considered one of the finest and most luxurious products in the world, which is the biggest advantage of Gobi as well.

Thank you very much for your time. I am certainly recommending my friends in Europe to go online and get pure 100% Mongolian cashmere. 

-Thank you. We should remember that all Gobi cashmere garments are 100% pure cashmere, moreover, they’re locally sourced and locally made.


EU marketDelivery from Berlinwww.gobicashmere.com
USADelivery from LAwww.us.gobicashmere.com
ChinaDelivery from Erlianwww.gobicashmere.taobao.com
RussiaDelivery from Moscowwww.gobi.ru


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