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As expensive as Oxford! – the cost of private schools in UB

Old News! Published on: 2019.08.15

As expensive as Oxford! – the cost of private schools in UB

The enrollment fee for some Mongolian private schools is as expensive as Oxford University, one of the most prestigious seats of learning in the world – or the cost of a good two-room apartment. The most expensive private school is the International school of Ulaanbaatar and its fee costs MNT 73 million; at Oxford University the 2017 fees averaged GBP 9,250 – or MNT 29.8 million.

  • “International School of Ulaanbaatar”

Most expensive international school in Mongolia – registration fee is USD 150 and additional USD 4500 for contingency fund.

Elementary grades – USD 21,000 (MNT 56 million)

Middle grades – USD 25,600 (MNT 68 million)

Upper grades – USD 27,300 (MNT 73 million)

  • “British School of Ulaanbaatar”

This school offers an educational program from pre-school to Year 13 for students of all nationalities wishing to study under the British national school curriculum. Its registration fee costs USD 150.

Elementary grades – USD 10.000-14.970 (USD 27-40 million)

Middle grades – USD 16.680-17.920 (45-48 million)

Upper grades – USD 17.920-19.350 (48-52 million)

  • ‘American School of Ulaanbaatar’

The private school has an international accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), based in California, USA.

Elementary grades – MNT 16 million

Middle grades – MNT 20 million

Upper grades- MNT 24 million

  • ‘Hobby School of Ulaanbaatar’

The first independent national school in the country – the Hobby School was founded in 1994.

Elementary grades – MNT 9 million 192 thousand 960

Middle grades – MNT 10 million 342 thousand

Upper grades- MNT 10 million 910 thousand 610

  • ‘Putonghua Chinese language school’

The school implements bilingual teaching to students and a strong mathematical  programme.

Elementary grades – MNT 3 million 500 thousand

Middle grades – MNT 3 million 500 thousand

Upper grades- MNT 4 million

  • ‘Goethe School’

The Germany-funded Goethe School teaches lessons in German and English.

Elementary grades – 5 million

Middle grades – 6 million

Upper grades- 6.5 million

  • ‘Empathy School’

The Empathy School was founded in 1994 as part of a series of agreements between an independent educational company (Empathy) and the Ministry of Education of Mongolia. The school teaches pupils from the 6th grades.

Yearly fee – MNT 3 million 300 thousand,

Dormitory- MNT 2 million 300 thousand

Meals- MNT 1 million

  • ‘The Shine Mongol Harumafuji School’

The school was founded in 2018 by Harumafuji (D.Byambadorj) – a professional sumo wrestler.

Elementary grades- MNT 4 million 700 thousand

Middle grades- MNT 6 million 800 thousand

Upper grades- MNT 4 million 900 thousand

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