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Mongolian Tourism launches new interactive web platform at ITB Berlin



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Mongolian Tourism launches new interactive web platform at ITB Berlin

Mongolia.Travel, an interactive planning tool for travellers, was introduced for the first time at ITB Berlin, the largest tourism fair in the world.

While Mongolia generates strong visions for most travellers with iconic names such as Chinggis Khaan or the Gobi Desert, most tourists have yet to grasp the hidden and great wonders found in the country’s vast and rustic spaces.

To make Mongolia better known while at the same time providing a precise tool for travellers wishing to plan a journey to what appears as one of the world’s tourism ‘last frontiers’, The Ministry of Environment and Tourism Mongolia introduced a new interactive web platform which will soon be available to the public under the URL

The core purpose of the innovative platform is to produce visitor ‘journeys’ by anticipating and leveraging on the wishes of the platform’s visitors. Information on thematic travel, a customised portal for first-time travellers, itineraries, and regional journeys are among some of the roadmaps offered within the Mongolia platform.

Each story and experience highlighted on the platform will link to sub-content branches, providing potential travellers with a fully interactive experience. Interactive portals are available through a dynamic landing page which will direct web visitors through a ‘journey’ based on their status, needs, and interests.

The Mongolia platform’s visitors will then be able to click on various texts and pictures, shaping a unique itinerary through featured experiences, aggregated social media content, stories, and main centres of interest. Particular emphasis has been put on the ‘First-Time Traveller’ roadmap, which is found on the platform’s landing page. Within, images containing little-known facts about the country will appear one after another.

Dedicated theme pages will include information on festivals, family activities, bird-watching, nature, adventure, history and culture, gastronomy, community-based tourism, and Buddhist tourism.

Another section will guide visitors through the county’s regions. In addition, the platform will also provide essential information for interested travellers, such as visa information, travel information, inner-country transportation, climate, currency, language, and more.

The Mongolia platform will also empower local businesses to play an active role on the website through social commerce technology ENWOKE.

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