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Chinggis Khaan Exhibition opens in USA



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Old News! Published on: 2019.02.12

Chinggis Khaan Exhibition opens in USA

On Friday, January 25th, a special new exhibition entitled ‘Chinggis Khaan’ has opened at the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Centre in Mobile, Alabama, which is port city the Gulf Coast of America.  Yo.Otgonbayar, who is the Mongolian Ambassador to the USA, and Sandy Stimpson, who is the Mayor of Mobile, as well as over 100 honorary guests took part in the opening ceremony. The exhibition will open to the end of the year.

On the scale of its China and Pompeii exhibits, the Exploreum invites visitors to take a journey back in time with one of history’s most prolific and controversial figures – Chinggis Khaan. Through artifacts, performers, artwork, and other historically significant items, visitors can discover the eye-opening story of the world’s most well-known conqueror, civilizer and innovator in the exhibition.

The exhibition has been developed and curated by Don Lessem, who is a well-known archaeologist, and will feature and display more than 300 spectacular objects on display. These include many rare and sophisticated weapons, costumes, jewels, ornaments, instruments and numerous other fascinating relics and elaborate artifacts dating back to 13th-century Mongolia.

This special exhibition presents a more complete image of the legendary leader whom TIME Magazine and CNN named “The Man of the Millennium.” As visitors discover, Chinggis Khaan not only created the nation of Mongolia and its written language, but his lineage established the modern borders of nations from India to Iran, Korea to China and opened the trade routes that united East and West, forever after.

Visitors will experience the exhibition through the eyes of a Mongol citizen receiving a civilian identity card at the beginning of their journey. From warrior to spy to princess, they will follow this character’s life throughout the rise of the great Mongol Empire across six key scenes:

  1. The Grasslands: Discover the daily life of a nomad on the high plateaus of Central Asia and learn about the outcast Genghis Khan’s earliest struggles. Walk into an ancient Mongol ger (yurt) home and experience being the middle of a stampede of horses.
  2. Rise of the Mongols: Learn how the young, charismatic Genghis Khan united warring tribes in order to form an unrivaled cavalry. Explore the equestrian culture and innovations in weaponry Genghis Khan mastered to conquer four times more land than any Empire in history.
  3. The Walled City: Enter the recreation of Karakorum, the walled city, which became the capital of the Mongolian Empire after Genghis Khan’s son inherited the kingdom. See how life changed for Mongols once they had vanquished all their enemies, and how arts, diverse religions and cultures flourished as the need for war subsided.
  4. The Silk Road: While Genghis Khan was a ruthless warrior, he was also a shrewd statesman and benevolent ruler. He developed a written language and a sophisticated society with fair taxation, stable government, appreciation of the arts, religious freedom and open trade along the Silk Road. Explore this vital trade route which enabled the exchange of both goods and ideas between cultures.
  5. The Palace of Kublai Khan – Enter the sumptuous Chinese palace of Xanadu, the center of the Empire of Genghis’s grandson, Kublai, who united China for the first time. Among other items, see porcelain treasures and a sword that had the emblem of a protector of Marco Polo.

Mongolia Today: Trace the influence of Genghis Khan in images of modern Mongolian life. The distinctive horse-based culture of Genghis Khan’s time persists today as the nation and language he created lives on eight centuries after his rule. See how his legend lives on through the namesake of many modern Mongolian brands, and how he was revered as a god among the Mongolian people.

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