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Civil movement wants action against officials



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Old News! Published on: 2010.03.14

Civil movement wants action against officials


The Civil Movement, silent since July 1st, 2008, has become active again. Its leaders J.Batzandan and O.Magnai have established a Union of Civil Movements that held its first general meeting on Thursday, March 11, 2010. The organizers invited around 1000 citizens, but more people came.

Batzandan said Mongolia is full of poor people and young people are becoming addicted to alcohol. He also criticized the Government for spending MNT 30 billion as compensation for goats even though it cannot provide jobs to those who want to work. He also said the politicians who are stealing from the people and selling Mongolian land must be asked for an explanation. According to him, nothing will change unless these people are dismissed.

Many people came from the rural areas to the meeting. A herder from Khuvsgul province, D.Tsedendamba, said, “I will not say all high officials are bad. But those who are eating people’s money should apologize and resign. If they confess and go, the people will forgive them.”

Even though citizens from other provinces such as Arkhangai, Gobi-Altai, Khentii and Selenge had much to say, the meeting’s time was too short. Many people referred to the July 1 incidents. Ts.Enkhbayar, father of one of the five people shot dead that night, said the Government is like a barely breathing patient in the intensive care unit. “We, the people of Mongolia, must help the Government recover. The July 1 incidents have shown that laws do not apply to high officials. Former PM S.Bayar and former Minister for Legislation Ts.Munkhbayar have escaped all blame,” he said, to enthusiastic applause.

The Head of the National Soyombo Movement, B.Lhagvajav, said, “Civil representatives’ assemblies must have non-party members. If the members belong to a party, the assembly will serve the party, not the people. There are 400 judges working in Mongolia. This number must be raised to 1,200. Unless the courts are refreshed with new blood, the judicial; process, run by friends and siblings, will never change.”

Afterwards, O.Magnai read letters to PM S.Batbold and Parliament Speaker D.Demberel. The first demanded the resignation of Minister for Internal Affairs Ts.Nyamdorj because of repeated crimes in the border areas and of Minister for Health S.Lambaa because of the loss of 30 lives from the H1N1 virus. The letter also demanded that Minister for Social Security and Labor T.Gandhi should re-institute the Child Money.

The letter to the Speaker demanded the dismissal of the State General Prosecutor who closed the case against peaceful citizens’ shooting on July 1. It also accused the controlling prosecutor of State General Prosecuting Authority, Gantulga, the assistant General Prosecutor and director of Government Representing Department, Bat-Orshikh, of sending many innocent people to jail. It also demanded an audit in the Finance Ministry and budget revision to MPs’ MNT 1 billion.

The meeting ended at 2 pm and participants headed for Sukhbaatar Square. The letters were given to the officials, with the demand for a reply before April 19.

During the meeting, General Regulator of the union O.Magnai answered media questions.

What do you expect the meeting to achieve?

The participants did not come here because anybody asked them to or to support a party. They came because their heart beats for the country and they will do what they can to prevent Mongolia being taken over by China. The meeting will relay people’s words to government officials. Why is there no security of life? Sons who go to protect the border are not coming back, and mothers have nowhere to go to give birth. Provisions of the Constitution are being violated with impunity. A woman who stole MNT 10,000 to feed her child is sentenced to 5-8 years in prison when the officials who took billions are living happily. Mongolian citizens will not stand this any longer. 

What if your demands are not met? What further can you do?

Let us see.

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