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The Russian Knights to perform above Ulaanbaatar

The Russian Knights (Russikiye Vityazi) aerobatic team will perform with Su-27 fighter aircraft at Khui Doloon Khudag near Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. The eye-catching performance will be held on 28 August marking the 80th anniversary of the joint

Putin to speak to Mongolian alumni of Russian Universities?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to visit Mongolia on 3 September in order to participate in the 80th anniversary celebrations of the Victory of Khalkhin Gol. An official programme of Putin’s visit has not been revealed yet, however, he

Mongolian Olympic athletes to wear Michel&Amazonka brand

A total of 160 Mongolian athletes with 150 support teams including coaches are preparing to compete in the 16 sports categories of Tokyo 2020 Olympics. This year, Mongolian athletes will wear special clothes made by Michel&Amazonka. The luxury pret-a-couture fashion

Democratic Party pushes to increase number of MPs to 108

The second bill to amend the Constitution of Mongolia was presented on 6 June to parliament. Earlier today (23 August), the parliamentary committee of Democratic Party held a meeting over changes to the amendment of the Constitution of Mongolia. According

In praise of the Yak – Festival in Arkhangai

The yak festival which takes place in the the beautiful Taikhar Steppe in Ikhtamir soum of Arkhangai aimag (province) has the goal of improving the quality of the Mongolain yak breed, increasing and fully utilizing the benefits from yaks, and

Russian army general praises cooperation with Mongolia

O.L.Salyukov, General of the Army and Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Ground Forces, visited Mongolia on 20-22 August.

Earlier today, the General Staff of the Mongolian Armed Forces received General O.L.Salyukov and discussed cooperation between two sides.

During the meeting, the Russian general

Mongolian cashmere producers promote their products in Canada

Mongolia produces a third of the global supply of cashmere; this is an important source of revenue making up 40 percent of the country’s nonmineral exports.

Mongolian cashmere producers have been participating in the Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada-2019; particular mention can

Chinggis Khaan Museum to be created

Mongolia will establish a Chinggis Khaan Museum for promoting the country’s history to our younger generation and enlightening the public. The Chinggis Khaan Museum will be built on the site of current natural history museum, which is just to the

Mongolians alarmed by alleged Russian radiation cover-up

Russia has been accused of covering up the extent of radioactive contamination after a mysterious explosion at a military site in the country’s remote northwest. Elevated radiation levels — of up to 16 times the average — were detected 40

Destination Mongolia attracts record Taiwanese tourists

According to statistics from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Mongolia received a total of 215780 tourists in the first half of the 2019; this represents an increase of 6.48 percent or 13,132 people on the same period last year.