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Two elderly women recover from COVID-19 in Mongolia

As of yesterday, Mongolia had 12 confirmed patients of coronavirus; two of them are now fully recovered. Earlier today (31 March), the two elderly women were discharged from hospital. The two women, who are in their 60s will have to

Mongolian health sector spending rises due to coronavirus

Mongolia has spent MNT 37.6 billion on the health sector in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh, the coronavirus economic rescue measures are being financed by state funds, international soft loans and assistance. Mongolia has

South Korean plane evacuates some 300 people from Mongolia

Yesterday (30 March), a South Korean Government chartered flight evacuated some 300 people, including 111 Mongolians. from Ulaanbaatar. According to officials, 73 Mongolians, who have permanent residence in South Korea and 38 Mongolian students were included in the flight to

The Hu working on next album while stranded in Australia

Mongolian heavy rockers The Hu have found themselves stranded in Australia while on tour, after the coronavirus pandemic led to their home country closing its borders. In an attempt to make the most of the situation, the band have hunkered

Mongolia’s mountain roads re-open for hiking and trekking

The Ulaanbaatar City Administration has banned hiking and trekking activities since 26 February in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection. However, following popular demand, the UB Administration has decided to open mountain roads for hiking and trekking.

Mongolian soldiers return on Qatar army chartered flight

Earlier today (31 March), a total of 43 Mongolian soldiers, who have been participating in the training in Qatar, flew back to Ulaanbaatar. The Qatar army chartered flight landed at 10.20 a.m. at Chinggis Khaan International Airport. The flight was

Putin approved major gas pipeline to China via Mongolia

On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the launch of a feasibility study for the Power of Siberia-2 Pipeline to export natural gas from Russia’s Western Siberia to China, Xinhua reports.

Russian gas giant Gazprom has conducted preliminary technical and economic

Positive advice for Mongolians in isolation

The National Emergency Commission decided on 27 March to extend the quarantine period of people suspected with COVID-19 to 21 days from 14 days. Currently, 2368 people have been isolated in Mongolia; 43 of them are pregnant women and 56

Rare snow leopard spotted near herder settlement in Mongolia

On 28 March, a rare snow leopard was spotted near a herder settlement in the Delger soum of the Gobi-Altai Province of Mongolia. Then endangered animal has been chased back to mountainous area 18 km from the settlement, reported a

Illegal apartment construction on memorial museum site

A small wooden house that has stood for almost a century on the south side of Peace Avenue in central Ulaanbaatar was demolished in October 2019. The house had been the home of Mongolian Prime Minister P.Genden (1895-1937) and has