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Dust storm covers Ulaanbaatar

Earlier today, a dust storm hit Ulaanbaatar, blanketing the sky. According to the National Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring Agency, the dust storm did not just strike the Mongolian capital, but six provinces, namely: Tuv, Bulgan, Khentii, southern parts of Selenge,

Mongolian delegation visits Pyongyang

A delegation from the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has visited the North Korean capital Pyongyang on Thursday for a series of high-level meetings.

Led by State Secretary D.Davaasuren, the delegation met with Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho and vice-chairman of the

“Awesome” Mongolian metal in US Billboard’s charts

Mongolian metal music reaches Billboard’s charts, as The Hu’s “Wolf Totem” and “Yuve Yuve Yu” debut on multiple tallies dated April 20.

Thanks to that post, “Wolf Totem” bows at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hard Rock Digital Song Sales chart, up

New species of Mongolian dinosaur found in the Gobi Desert

In the southern Gobi Desert of Mongolia, paleontologists recently unearthed a perfectly preserved complete dinosaur skeleton belonging to a new species closely related to the hadrosaurs.

The discovery is helping to fill in some evolutionary gaps when it comes to Mongolian

Can Mongolia bring back its blue skies, clouded by coal?

The Green Climate Fund (GCF), the world’s largest fund supporting climate action in developing countries, is channeling climate finance flows to Mongolia to help it leapfrog to low-emission energy generation, while promoting alternatives to home coal combustion.

Backing the Mongolian government’s

Mongolia sends big Jiu Jitsu team to UAE

A big Mongolian team departed earlier today (18 April) for Abu Dhabi, in the United Arabian Emirates to compete in the World Jiu Jitsu Championships. The competition is scheduled to take place on 20-26 April. A total of 55 Mongolian

Mongolian – a language of conquest & diplomacy

An international conference entitled ‘Cultural Heritages of the Mongols: Scripts and Records’ is taking place in Ulaanbaatar under the auspices of the President of Mongolia. The two-day event is being co-organised by the Institute of History and Archaeology, the Mongolian

Ger Lab

On Tuesday, East Tennessee State University administrators unveiled their newest lab, an authentic Mongolian ger, for students to simulate real-life public and global health situations.

The traditional round Mongolian dwelling, similar to a tent, was showcased during a special event about

Famous Mongolian composer treated in China

Famous Mongolian composer B.Sharav has undergone surgery for removing cancer cells from its pancreas in the Central Military Hospital in Beijing. Since then, 66-year-old B.Sharav has been receiving treatment in China. Currently, he is in Beijing for chemotherapy said his

Mongolia and the Silk Road

Mongolia played an important role in the history of Central Asia and the Silk Road. Thanks to the empire established by Chinggis Khaan and his descendants, the Pax Mongolica guaranteed freedom of movement for traders between Asia and Europe which

Poisonous sludge kills four

These has been a serious incident of poisoning at the Ulaanbaatar Wastewater Treatment Plant, which has led to four deaths and the hospitalization of five others. The tragedy took place at 6.30 pm on Tuesday (16 April). According to one